Mikhail Iliev


Mikhail was a contributing writer and blogger for a hedge fund news and social networking start-up in 2010-11.

He published more than 50 articles and blog posts on that site, Who's in My Fund, and several financial trade publications.

His articles offered insights into the legal implications of high finance news developments.

A Traders' "Prop 19″: Why not legalize some insider trading and
leave it to corporations to police the rest?

All About Alpha; March 1, 2011

Neuberger Berman And SAC Capital Show Uncanny Prescience

Business Insider; March 17, 2011

Court Ruling Could Spell Major Power Shift In Hedge Fund Litigation

FinAlternatives; Nov. 11, 2010

Madoff Investors Face Uphill Battle In Lawsuit Against SEC

FinAlternatives; Nov. 20, 2010